Safety is our Top Priority

Binghamton University Dining Services maintains that the health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority, and we will continue to work to provide great services in these uncertain times. We have developed a reopening plan, reinventing our operational services to ensure that State and University guidelines are followed. As we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times, we will implement changes to our services based on our ability to continue to provide a safe environment. 

Fall 2020 Reopening Plan

We’re listening 

One week after classes began on August 26, we observed that foot traffic patterns were not what we anticipated and planned for. Our team has been responsive to the feedback received from students and the Student Culinary Council and has since updated the following services to better accommodate the campus community while staying within safety guidelines: 

  • Adjusted our menu cycle to include more vegan and vegetarian options 
  • Ensured we are offering a variety of cost-effective menu items 
  • Reverted to our former à la carte style of service at the Entrée, Kosher Korner, and Simple Servings stations, allowing students to customize their meals for more flexibility in choices and portions 
  • Implemented mobile ordering for Tully’s University, CopperTop Pizzeria, Subway, Chick-N-Bap, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Jazzman's Library Tower, Red Mango, Moghul, and Mein Bowl
  • Added snacking items to Resident Dining: Ben & Jerry’s pints, ice cream novelties, and Frito Lay chips 
  • Developed a build-your-own salad station at CIW dining hall, offering flexibility while creating a side or an entrée  salad
  • Created a daily rotating pasta menu which offers many favorites in Resident Dining
Check out this video to see how we've addressed questions and concerns about the changes to Binghamton University Dining Services this semester.
What’s next? 
Binghamton University Dining Services strives to provide the best quality food and services for our customers. We will continue to evaluate the services we are providing and make changes based on the feedback we receive making sure it aligns with the safety protocols.
Do you need to reach us?
We appreciate your feedback and want to be a part of making your dining experience what you want it to be. 
Send us an email, or call us at (607) 777-2991.
Contact our Registered Dietitians to schedule a free consultation to discuss food allergies, special dietary needs, basic nutrition guidelines and eating healthy on and off campus.
Alexa Schmidt, RD, CDN
Julie Lee, MS, RD, CDN